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Transform You Hypnotherapy


Andrea Perry

Clinical Certified Hypnotherapist

Welcome to Transform You

My name is Andrea and I have been interested in self-improvement for many years and tried many different modalities, for my own fears and life challenges. 

I have extensive experience with people, in my previous careers as a massage therapist, beautician, and reiki practitioner. This has given me insights into behaviours and what people's needs are on an emotional, physical and psychological level. 

Having trained as a Hypnotherapist, I have developed a deep understanding of how the mind works, having many tools to help guide my clients into a more positive, peaceful wellbeing. Everyone deserves to live a life with more happiness and freedom. I look forward to helping you achieve this and for you to be a transformed you! 

I also offer therapeutic art that uses colour and symbolism to invoke feelings of joy happiness and upliftment. Discover art here >

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What is hypnosis?

 A state of hypnosis is normal and natural, when watching a movie and being very absorbed in an activity is a form of hypnosis. It is when the mind is in a trance like state. Hypnotherapy is a mind/body intervention in which hypnosis is used to create a state of focused attention and increased suggest ability. Scientifically  this is the theta brain wave. When we bypass the Beta brain wave, the highly concious state it is easier to create permanent  change.

The person in hypnosis is in no way being or doing anything against there will. Because the mind is still fully aware of what is going on, it's just a more relaxed state. So nothing to be afraid of, it's actually good for you! 


Hypnosis is great for many different areas such as:




Stress Reduction 


Increased Motivation


Pain Reduction



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5% of all sales go to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand


I highly recommend Andrea. She has a way of making you feel extremely comfortable and safe straight away, and the effects of her sessions are unreal."

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